Tiled & Slate Roof Repairs

Whether you simply have some slipped or dislodged roof tiles or are considering a complete re-roof, you can trust GRS roofing to give you an honest appraisal and quotation.  Quite often when visiting a site, we'll find that things aren't nearly as bad as they seem, and we can effect a quick and cost-effective repair.

Roof tiles can crack from ingress of water that expands when it freezes, and roof nails can rust away causing roof tiles to become detached and slip down. Another common cause of roof leaks can come from missing cement at the ridges, verges, or hips of the roof, which again can often be as a result of frost or ice, or simply the contraction and expansion that occurs naturally over time.

No job is too small for us, so if you think you have a tile or roofing cement missing or out of place, give us a call right away. It's usually a quick and simple thing to fix, but ignoring it can cause serious damage from water ingress.