Flat Roof Replacement

When flat roofs start to leak, it's usually a sure sign that they need replacing.  The felt goes hard and begins to break-down, allowing small cracks to appear (usually on the bends and corners).  However, sometimes it can simply be edges of the felt coming un-stuck, or the seals around vents and skylights cracking.

If caught early, we can often sort these problems out quickly and cheaply. So if you have a leak from a flat roof or think that your roof might be overdue for replacement, we'll carry-out a survey and give you an honest appraisal on what is needed.

If a complete replacement is needed, we can provide either a traditional torched-in felt roof or a single-ply rubber roof.

A traditional felt roof typically carries a 10-15 year guarantee (depending of manufacturer and thickness). A single-ply rubber roof is essentially a single sheet with no joins, and carries a 20 year guarantee (and has a jet black finish).

On removal of an old flat roof, we will as a matter of course, check all of the roof boards and beams for damage or rot before applying the new roof felt.

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